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Classy Hippie

Classy Hippie Lifestyle Membership

Classy Hippie Lifestyle Membership

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We are proud to introduce our New membership offers for 2024!
Becoming a part of the Classy Hippie family means you'll receive 10% of ALL Classy Hippie products! Need a big old cup of drip coffee or tea to start your morning? We got you there too!
When you sign up, you will have the option to have a 2oz bag of sommelier select tea shipped to you monthly, OR if prefer to come visit us at 3200 Broadway, members can enjoy a free daily cup of drip coffee or tea (espresso drinks and lattes are not included).

Becoming a part of the Classy Hippie family means you'll receive 10% off ALL online purchases and free shipping on online orders! This includes our entire Classy Hippie Tea collection and our Classy Hippie merchandise. You'll also receive 5% off any event or travel organized by Classy Hippie. Retreats, culinary classes, art workshops or just a night out at one of our curated shows - all of them will be at your fingertips because all of them are a part of our Classy Hippie Lifestyle, and you are a part of our 
Classy Hippie family.

Take advantage now with the option that works best for you.
•$25.00 yearly
•$250.00 Lifetime 
T.E.A. - Travel. Events. Agriculture 
Welcome to the family!
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